Time for a change

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I’m 49 years old. Something I hope doesn’t show itself too much in my physical appearance. Not that 49 is old. In fact, I’m feeling fabulous, and I think the best in life is yet to come. I am looking forward to some epic shit. However, for far too long, I have not allowed the creative parts of my soul to shine as much as they could, and I have not allowed myself to explore it in the way only a creative does. It’s time to change what I think of as my profession. I am a photographer.

I know I have a lot to learn and ropes to climb. That is exciting to me. I’m going to start with street photography and study that for a while. The concept intrigues me, and there is a ton of excellent subject matter around Vancouver.

For now, I have established a photography site that will sell my work and serve my clients. You can find it here: Kian Gray Photography. Also, I have an Alamy page for stock photos.

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