Protests can be inked in skin

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Protest Loudly!
Birthday gift to myself: Protest Tattoo.

Happy Birthday to Me

An early birthday gift to myself. I just got this tattoo by Jamie Kan the artist responsible for most of my tattoos. This one has a timely and special meaning to me. It is of a megaphone like the one I have and use weekly to protest Jon Stovell and Reliance Properties Vancouver. It also has a font I love that reads “Protest Loudly”. And I do! Every Thursday @ 1 P.M. I protest at Reliance HQ 111 Water Street.

This fight to get Reliance Properties and double-dealing developer Jon Stovell to honour our signed TRP contract has marked this point in my life. I am forever changed by the fact that I have had to be so public and loud about this battle. I have had to make myself a much less private person and let others, strangers, into my life. I have had to become comfortable with being a spectacle standing outside of a building and using a megaphone to attempt communication with Jon Stovell as he hides from me. However communication does take at least two parties willing to talk. So far we are the only ones seeking constructive talks to find a resolution. From Reliance we get only fear tactics and intimidation.

So it is with this threat to our homes I have been forever marked as a public protester fighting for RENTERS RIGHTS in Vancouver. I own this side of myself and I am not embarrassed or ashamed of it. I am excited by it! I am using that part of my personality that refuses to back down and will fight the good fight. Vancouver is the home of my husband and I for over 20 years. No double-dealing home wreaking deceptive developer will be able to force us into a massive rent increase and a fractured TRP.  And as my personality has been marked by this I have had my skin marked.

Jamie Kan is a talented tattoo artist. She has done several of my tattoo’s. Check out her instagram feed and book an appointment for that idea you’ve been tinkering with.


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