Port of Vancouver Combo

Port of Vancouver Combo
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WOW, this image took all day! A complicated process of several different techniques that may or may not have created something good. Today (before I go to my day job) has been a shot in the dark; learn as you go, follow your creative kind of day. You can find a larger version image on my site kian.photography

This image is, firstly, a double exposure of two different aspects of the Gastown Port of Vancouver area. The Vancouver Rail Yard that I happen to live above and the Port of Vancouver that is across the way from the rail yard. The rail yard is captured with a bit of the Vancouver Convention Centre & Cruise Ship dock and is shot with an infrared filter. The Port of Vancouver is captured with extended exposure but with no filter.

The IR filter requires the train yard shot to be an extended exposure at a very high ISO 6000 with a small aperture because I wanted the ship’s depth and the train in motion with an extended shutter. The Port of Vancouver is similar but different. They both used an extended shutter. But for the port, the aperture was half as the shutter needed to be very long to get the full motion of the crane. So the ISO was very low at just 50. I just realized I should look at that section of this image and look to add some grain, maybe? Both images need a tripod and a way of triggering the shutter that will not cause a shake. I use my phone, but there are several ways of doing this.

I like the images, and they were photographed as separate projects. But today, I just decided I wanted to experiment with combining different techniques into a double exposure. The double exposure became a rabbit hole of needing to find a way to connect these images in a way that I was happy. The crane needed to be flipped, and I am still learning perspective changes.

I now need to get to my day job, so this adventure is over.

let’s heal the divide

let's heal the divide
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Available for sale on my website: let’s heal the divide

An evening walk can always become a fantastic photographic opportunity. On this evening, there was an event happening in Vancouver’s Chinatown. The event looked fun but wasn’t what I was looking for until I saw the neon sign and the dancing people. Inspiration can come fast, and when you’re thinking, it’s time to move on.

In taking this image, I knew I wanted blurred motion of people, a frantic scene, an optimistic message, and a sense that people were coming together. I got all that with this photo. Hand-held, this was a challenge! Getting the words to be sharp but allowing for an extended shutter to get the blurred motion of the dancing people.

The image created imagines a political and social landscape much like where we have been over the last few years and where we still seem to be. The people in this image are vigorously discussing topics they are passionate about, and the key here is they are talking. They are attempting to heal the divide in their community and where it is going. Coming together, they find a more comprehensive understanding and deeper connection to their neighbours.

Or….. They are fighting, which is about to end with one side attempting to violently overthrow the agreed order. The viewpoint is up to you, the viewer.

The reality is this is the dance area, and the band had the crowd engaged and dancing. These people are having a great time together, and the whole neighbourhood is uplifted by the energy of this event.

Sunday Morning

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George, our fast-growing kitty and G my hubby.
George, our fast-growing kitty and G, my hubby.

Sunday morning, and it’s no day off. I wish we were just going to cuddle and watch American Ninja Warrior, but sadly Gerard has to go to work. He’s not the only one. I have a TON of photo editing to do and some other image management things.

First things first, I wanted to get this pic out cause I managed to capture some cute moments just before G leaves. I am setting up my 500px, cleaning the house a little cause George can get everywhere now, then getting out to the gym.

My best Hunter S Thompson

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Hunter S. Thompson whiskey moments
Like whiskey from heaven.

Kian Gray doing my best Hunter S Thompson
Doing my best Hunter S. Thompson

Here I am, doing my best, Hunter S. Thompson. Not really. When I set my iPhone to take this portrait, I wasn’t channelling the brilliant author. But I love the shot, and I can’t complain about the comparison. Nore, can I deny that alcohol and drugs have entered my system. Alcohol more than anything of the other stuff. And hey, I live in Canada, so a little green is allowed.

The photo above is drip photography using whiskey. I know that’s sacrilegious, but the shot was worth it. Drip photography is something that I have to pick up on again. I started and then just stopped. It would help if you had the right equipment, and there are a TON of settings to mess about to get the right effect, but in the end, it’s rewarding and worth it.

I am combing both photos; however, they were different shoots with different ideas. I have set my Kian Charles Gray photography business page with those as the header and profile. Why? Probably reckless, and it doesn’t send the right message for business. I can agree with that reasoning. However, I also know what feels right to me and what good photography is that sends a message I do indeed want to send. I love its colour, texture, richness, and luxury. I love the style! The judgments I’ll leave to others.

It is not as bad as it looks

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Got you face rearranged?

I have posted this image that I have reworked from back in 2011. The original image does not have Gerard’s face all Picaso-like. The newly revamped image is titled “Got your face rearranged?”.

I have posted it to my site without any warnings or trigger notices, so I have not posted it on social media. I will leave that to you if you would like. And please do share! Sharing helps me immensely. I have not covered this image on my site because it is artwork and doesn’t need to be covered. It is not that I don’t believe in taking the emotional responses of people with sensitivities to this type of image. Again it is for that reason I did not post it on social where many more people would see it. However, here in my space, where I control the environment, this image is welcome like all others. I love how it turned out.

This photograph is of my husband, Gerard. You can find it on my site here. In this image, he has just fallen and hit his head in the courtyard. Don’t cry for him Argentina. He was likely smoking weed or drinking. He was perfectly fine, and the bleeding stopped quickly with care. The image looks alarming, and that is why I like it. Life is not an entirely peaceful, joyful event. The reality of life is more beautiful than the false perception.

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