Port of Vancouver Combo

Port of Vancouver Combo
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WOW, this image took all day! A complicated process of several different techniques that may or may not have created something good. Today (before I go to my day job) has been a shot in the dark; learn as you go, follow your creative kind of day. You can find a larger version image on my site kian.photography

This image is, firstly, a double exposure of two different aspects of the Gastown Port of Vancouver area. The Vancouver Rail Yard that I happen to live above and the Port of Vancouver that is across the way from the rail yard. The rail yard is captured with a bit of the Vancouver Convention Centre & Cruise Ship dock and is shot with an infrared filter. The Port of Vancouver is captured with extended exposure but with no filter.

The IR filter requires the train yard shot to be an extended exposure at a very high ISO 6000 with a small aperture because I wanted the ship’s depth and the train in motion with an extended shutter. The Port of Vancouver is similar but different. They both used an extended shutter. But for the port, the aperture was half as the shutter needed to be very long to get the full motion of the crane. So the ISO was very low at just 50. I just realized I should look at that section of this image and look to add some grain, maybe? Both images need a tripod and a way of triggering the shutter that will not cause a shake. I use my phone, but there are several ways of doing this.

I like the images, and they were photographed as separate projects. But today, I just decided I wanted to experiment with combining different techniques into a double exposure. The double exposure became a rabbit hole of needing to find a way to connect these images in a way that I was happy. The crane needed to be flipped, and I am still learning perspective changes.

I now need to get to my day job, so this adventure is over.

let’s heal the divide

let's heal the divide
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Available for sale on my website: let’s heal the divide

An evening walk can always become a fantastic photographic opportunity. On this evening, there was an event happening in Vancouver’s Chinatown. The event looked fun but wasn’t what I was looking for until I saw the neon sign and the dancing people. Inspiration can come fast, and when you’re thinking, it’s time to move on.

In taking this image, I knew I wanted blurred motion of people, a frantic scene, an optimistic message, and a sense that people were coming together. I got all that with this photo. Hand-held, this was a challenge! Getting the words to be sharp but allowing for an extended shutter to get the blurred motion of the dancing people.

The image created imagines a political and social landscape much like where we have been over the last few years and where we still seem to be. The people in this image are vigorously discussing topics they are passionate about, and the key here is they are talking. They are attempting to heal the divide in their community and where it is going. Coming together, they find a more comprehensive understanding and deeper connection to their neighbours.

Or….. They are fighting, which is about to end with one side attempting to violently overthrow the agreed order. The viewpoint is up to you, the viewer.

The reality is this is the dance area, and the band had the crowd engaged and dancing. These people are having a great time together, and the whole neighbourhood is uplifted by the energy of this event.

Port of Vancouver the Motion of Cranes

Port of Vancouver
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the Port of Vancouver works 24/7

I am lucky to have a view of the Port of Vancouver from my living room window. I have always loved a good industrial scene. There is action here 24/7, almost 365. Lately, even more so, as they were building this new crane that you see pictured above. The images from this shoot are available here: Kian Charles Photography Around my home, Gastown

In fact, living with a view of the Port of Vancouver has even come in handy at least once. A few years ago, while I was waiting for two iPhone 12 Pro Max to arrive on what was a cloudy day. I watched and waited, and they never came. I waited more, and they didn’t come. Now the day is basically over; they are still not here. I call UPS to find out why I have been waiting so long past my delivery window for $4000 worth of my property, and they inform me that “Extreme Weather” is causing delays at the Port of Vancouver. I notify the UPS person that I actually live across from the Port and have a great view. I informed them that there had been no “Extreme Weather” all day, and there isn’t now, and if they would like a live video, I can arrange that. My phones quickly came after that call.

So last night, I was watching TV, not the Port, and my husband noticed a scene he thought would make a good photo. He pointed it out to me, which is the series I shot. There are several more images, but they are added to the list of photos to edit, and I need to pack to leave for the weekend. So the rest of the images will need to wait. Please enjoy them; if you like them, they are available for buy in various form factors. Just check out my site: www.Kian.Photography

A Building Front and Side

A building Front and Side
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A Building Front and Side in Chinatown

A Building Front and Side

I really have to get Bowie out for a walk, so this will be quick! At the scene of that explosion and fire in Chinatown a few days ago, as we were leaving, I noticed this incredible wall and decaying woodwork. Falling in love with it immediately I snapped this pic. I have more coming soon, but I have a lot to edit so….. You can find this image A Building Front and Side for sale on my site: Kian Charles Gray Photography

Apple News Photography

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Apple News Photography section is always my first read of the day and something I return to several times throughout the day.

In answer to some other questions that have come up a few times in the last day: my editing process is normally: Sony app to view the photos still on the camera, take off only what I want to work on, import into Lightroom and do the edita, Photoshop if required.

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