Gastown Last-night with the VSO

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Gastown Last night with the VSO Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

I haven’t got a lot of time here because I need to run to the gym before it gets crazy busy! But I will take a second and get a few photos out from last night in Gastown when the VSO (Vancouver Symphony Orchestra) came out to play. It sounded beautiful, and there were tables set up with many people showing up and enjoying themselves. Unfortunately, we did not get there early, so we could not see the VSO musicians we could only hear them.

It was then that I noticed the light show they were painting the old brick building with. I set my camera on the building and got some cool shots of strong light on brick.

The photos taken from this event are in the Free to Download section of my site. Here is a link to play a full-screen gallery of all the photos available in that gallery.

Time to go to the GYM!

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