let’s heal the divide

let's heal the divide
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An evening walk can always become a fantastic photographic opportunity. On this evening, there was an event happening in Vancouver’s Chinatown. The event looked fun but wasn’t what I was looking for until I saw the neon sign and the dancing people. Inspiration can come fast, and when you’re thinking, it’s time to move on.

In taking this image, I knew I wanted blurred motion of people, a frantic scene, an optimistic message, and a sense that people were coming together. I got all that with this photo. Hand-held, this was a challenge! Getting the words to be sharp but allowing for an extended shutter to get the blurred motion of the dancing people.

The image created imagines a political and social landscape much like where we have been over the last few years and where we still seem to be. The people in this image are vigorously discussing topics they are passionate about, and the key here is they are talking. They are attempting to heal the divide in their community and where it is going. Coming together, they find a more comprehensive understanding and deeper connection to their neighbours.

Or….. They are fighting, which is about to end with one side attempting to violently overthrow the agreed order. The viewpoint is up to you, the viewer.

The reality is this is the dance area, and the band had the crowd engaged and dancing. These people are having a great time together, and the whole neighbourhood is uplifted by the energy of this event.

Greta Van Fleet Rogers Arena August 30 2022 with the Pretty Reckless and Hannah Wicklund

Rochelle Gerard and Kian at the Greta Van Fleet concert
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Last night, I was at the Greta Van Fleet concert at Rogers Arena with my hubby Gerard and our friend Rochelle. We had a great time! The preopening act was Hannah Wicklund, and let me tell you; she is fucking AMAZING!!!!! I am a new massive fan of hers. Whenever she plays in Vancouver, I will be at the show and, if possible, with my camera. She was at least as good as Greta, and I loved them. Here is a list of Hannah Wicklund’s tour dates. If she gets close to you and you love bitchen rock with strong vocals and music that will grab you, see her.

The Pretty Reckless was the main supporting act, I guess. Not my style of music and not a band I am going to go out of my way to hear again. That said, I am a minority in that thinking. They had a lot of fans in the building, and they got them moving. They are loud and aggressive, which I can typically get into. But I didn’t connect with it.

Greta Van Fleet takes the stage at Rogers Arena. I’ll be honest. I went in, not expecting a lot. Hannah Wicklund woke me up, so I was in the mood but didn’t know what to expect from Greta. I’ve seen some live performances on tv, and they didn’t blow me away.

I have a new understanding. Josh Kiszka needs a couple of songs to warm up. Should I have expected that after all, wouldn’t we all? After the first couple, he blew me away from start to finish. They all did. I am a fan of each individually and even more as a group. Here is a set list and link to play those songs on Apple Music.

Gastown Last-night with the VSO

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Gastown Last night with the VSO Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

I haven’t got a lot of time here because I need to run to the gym before it gets crazy busy! But I will take a second and get a few photos out from last night in Gastown when the VSO (Vancouver Symphony Orchestra) came out to play. It sounded beautiful, and there were tables set up with many people showing up and enjoying themselves. Unfortunately, we did not get there early, so we could not see the VSO musicians we could only hear them.

It was then that I noticed the light show they were painting the old brick building with. I set my camera on the building and got some cool shots of strong light on brick.

The photos taken from this event are in the Free to Download section of my site. Here is a link to play a full-screen gallery of all the photos available in that gallery.

Time to go to the GYM!

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