I am not Ryan Reynolds #affordablehousing #realestate #housing

Not Ryan Reynolds
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Please sign and *SHARE* our petition. You could save our home of 20 years!

This is simply a stream of thought running out of my head on our current situation and lack of reach on social media. If I were Ryan Reynolds not only would I be drop dead sexy but Reliance wouldn’t dream of messing with me. Fight renovictions in Vancouvers affordable housing crisis.

We are working hard to further our petition and the pressure of a social media campaign to get Reliance Properties Vancouver to come to the table and honour an agreement we have with them. I have posted that agreement here before and again now. Our family and our friends have posted and shared so many times. Even friends of friends. But we are reaching the limit of what they can do. We need the larger community to HELP keep us in our homes at rent we can afford.

Reliance has broken the agreement

From the start and according to this Globe & Mail article they have plans to violate it in significant ways! Apparently they have planned since 2017 to charge us higher than market rates for the new building. They plan to charge us $200 more than everyone else moving into the new building. We have public offer sheets for units in 1188 Bidwell that clearly show offers to the general public for less rent on higher floors than what Reliance is trying to force us into.

Scan the QR Code or click this link and help us stay in our home of 20 years.

This fight is taking me out to some strange places.

I am not Ryan Reynolds and I will never get the attention to this issue that he could. However what Reliance doesn’t seem to understand is that they are trying to kick me and my husband out of our home of 20 years. We have given them not only almost $300,000 but we gave it without delay or issue. They took our money but decided it wasn’t enough. So not we must fight to stay. I must fight! I must put myself out there and get all the attention to this situation I can.

You can help us. Please sign and share this petition then share again.

Help us get the attention to this issue that the Vancouver Housing Crisis deserves. Stand up and say that 20 years of loyal tenancy and hundreds of thousands paid in rent does not get met with a kick in the a$$ and a rude goodbye. Fight renovictions in Vancouvers affordable housing crisis

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Sunday Mornings At My House

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Okay its not like I’m a pyro but I do love a good flambĂ©. Here is a slow motion video of the best way to top of your pancakes or waffles. In the pan we have butter/brown sugar, lime zest & juice, cardamom, & tequila sauce.

Getting Out There 4K Video EUC

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Getting out for a quick ride on my Self Balancing Unicycle otherwise known as an EUC. This view is from my GoPro mounted from my helmet and looking down to show the balance required for the ride.

This thing is AWSOME! I love it!! By far the most fun thing I have ever spent money on and use regularly. It is a little hard to learn at first but anyone can and all it takes it a bit of dedication. You need to go through a period of learning that feels like you will never get it until you do. Kinda like climbing a mountain, hard/impossible/hard/hard/ then all of a sudden you just start getting it and you’re off to the races.

On this ride I am headed to the seawall to try and see the sunset.

Wind Mobile Internet Speed Test

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Wind Mobile Internet Speed Test

I have had Wind Mobile as my cell provider for the last 4 years. In that time I have come to learn that there are upsides and downsides to this services. But that could be said of all cell phone providers. On the upside I currently pay at least half if not less for monthly service than my friends with Bell/Telus/Rogers/Fido. Most of them are paying upwards of $50 just for internet on their phones. I find that way too high to pay for internet on a device like your phone. I pay just a little more than that for my 100 mbit cable line at home and there it is at least worth it and used appropriately.

All that said the big downside of Wind Mobile in Vancouver is the internet speed and coverage area. The speeds can differ dramatically depending where in Vancouver you are. Even at there best the are not nearly the same as the 4G LTE coverage offered by the other cell service providers. At best I am getting 5 mbit and on average I am getting between 1.2 & 2 mbit from Wind whereas my friends on 4G LTE are getting 50 mbit. 10 and mostly 25 times the difference! Here are the tests I am running on my Wind Mobile Vancouver internet service using my Samsung GS4:


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