Port of Vancouver the Motion of Cranes

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the Port of Vancouver works 24/7

I am lucky to have a view of the Port of Vancouver from my living room window. I have always loved a good industrial scene. There is action here 24/7, almost 365. Lately, even more so, as they were building this new crane that you see pictured above. The images from this shoot are available here: Kian Charles Photography Around my home, Gastown

In fact, living with a view of the Port of Vancouver has even come in handy at least once. A few years ago, while I was waiting for two iPhone 12 Pro Max to arrive on what was a cloudy day. I watched and waited, and they never came. I waited more, and they didn’t come. Now the day is basically over; they are still not here. I call UPS to find out why I have been waiting so long past my delivery window for $4000 worth of my property, and they inform me that “Extreme Weather” is causing delays at the Port of Vancouver. I notify the UPS person that I actually live across from the Port and have a great view. I informed them that there had been no “Extreme Weather” all day, and there isn’t now, and if they would like a live video, I can arrange that. My phones quickly came after that call.

So last night, I was watching TV, not the Port, and my husband noticed a scene he thought would make a good photo. He pointed it out to me, which is the series I shot. There are several more images, but they are added to the list of photos to edit, and I need to pack to leave for the weekend. So the rest of the images will need to wait. Please enjoy them; if you like them, they are available for buy in various form factors. Just check out my site: www.Kian.Photography

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