Jack Herer it was compassionate care I assure you

Jack Herer compassionate care marijuana
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It was compassionate care
A massive bud of Jack Herer medical marijuana. For sale on www.kian.photography (the photo not the bud)

I’ve got a lot I want to get done today, so I can’t believe it’s 12:40, and I’m just now finishing the edit on one of many photos for the day. Aside from getting several other photos edited and set into various sales channels, I need to do some social media, eat lunch, get out and shoot some images I have on the brain, and finish the day with a Canadians Baseball game.

I can’t wait for the game. I love live sports and competition in general. The added advantage is that I also get to pack my camera and get some great photos. It should be exciting and a chance to experiment with some stuff.

The photos aboveā€¦. I know some of you never made it down this far, that image being enough for them to bounce. This massive bud of Jack Herer was purchased from the original Vancouver Compassion Club on Commercial Drive way back in 2009. Don’t freak out! I know that was long before legal weed. But I did have a medical prescription from my doctor, and that was all the Compassion Club Society or I needed.

I was at the Compassion Club to grab our weekly stash (medicine) and had decided on some Jack Herer. The Herer was a favourite of ours. The lovely and compassionate dispenser was assembling my order when I noticed this impressive bud/branch. I had to have it whole.

This image is available for sale and use in many applications. Please visit: Kian.Photography

B Buddy is a toast shark, dog eats toast

Bowie Buddy our American Village Dog eats toast like a shark
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Bowie Buddy, our American Village Dog, eats toast like a shark.

This was breakfast time, and B Buddy ate toast like a shark. That was hours ago. I need to get to the gym! I was editing other photos I took from a couple of days ago and up to last night. So stopping for breakfast, I took some pictures of Bowie and got set on this side track that has lasted hours.

I got several other pictures of Bowie eating his toast treat like this, and I will get to those, but for the time being, enjoy this and be thankful you’re not what is plunging into those jaws.

Chop Suey Rooster

Chop Suey Rooster
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Neon signs in China town Vancouver
Same sign, different style

We went for a walk last night long after the golden hour I was hoping for and deep into the blue hour. The blue hour is still a great time of the day to get shots, but this was getting into the night. I got a few shots I liked, and this is one of them. Chop Suey Rooster is an eye-catching neon sign in Chinatown.

I just added these to the Free to Download section of my site. As always, they are free for you to download and use for personal use. Commercial use with meaningful credit back to me.

About Last night

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The remains of an evening spent in conversation with friends

What can I say about last night? Of course, I’d have to remember it first.

This photograph was taken last night. Last night we were at the Greta Van Fleet concert. I took this photo a couple of years ago and am just rediscovering it now. I did an edit and am now posting it for the first time.

I do remember the night. It was dinner with friends. We had a lovely four-course meal and several drinks. Those glasses represent just some of what was enjoyed.

Available for sale as stock photography, or many other purposes on my site.

Its not halloween already so piss off Costco!

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Double exposure of George our kitten and a old mansion
George the giant tiger eats a mansion

It’s not Halloween yet, not even close. So WTF, Costco? Why are you already putting out Halloween candy packages and setting them up for it? Retails start earlier every year! Soon every BIG box shop will simply have a never-ending corner that simply spits out whatever holiday they are pumping. And they will invent twice as many so they can keep it fresh.

This image isn’t great. I haven’t even refined it. But it was just a quick bit of fun before I had to move on to other tasks.

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