My best Hunter S Thompson

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Hunter S. Thompson whiskey moments
Like whiskey from heaven.
Kian Gray doing my best Hunter S Thompson
Doing my best Hunter S. Thompson

Here I am, doing my best, Hunter S. Thompson. Not really. When I set my iPhone to take this portrait, I wasn’t channelling the brilliant author. But I love the shot, and I can’t complain about the comparison. Nore, can I deny that alcohol and drugs have entered my system. Alcohol more than anything of the other stuff. And hey, I live in Canada, so a little green is allowed.

The photo above is drip photography using whiskey. I know that’s sacrilegious, but the shot was worth it. Drip photography is something that I have to pick up on again. I started and then just stopped. It would help if you had the right equipment, and there are a TON of settings to mess about to get the right effect, but in the end, it’s rewarding and worth it.

I am combing both photos; however, they were different shoots with different ideas. I have set my Kian Charles Gray photography business page with those as the header and profile. Why? Probably reckless, and it doesn’t send the right message for business. I can agree with that reasoning. However, I also know what feels right to me and what good photography is that sends a message I do indeed want to send. I love its colour, texture, richness, and luxury. I love the style! The judgments I’ll leave to others.

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