Man running from VPD jumps on to Vancouver Rail Yard Tracks

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A man running from VPD jumps onto Vancouver Rail Yard Tracks.

It can be very interesting living above the CP Rail Yard in Vancouver. Today we had a birds-eye view of a man running from the Vancouver Police Department. He was coming from the Crab Park encampment in the Port of Vancouver.

The encampment itself is a symptom of a larger problem and is not as lawless as some would make out. That said, there have been some significant incidences, like stabbings. I wouldn’t call it safe, but that should be said for the residents and not just us in the neighbourhood. Most of those campers are desperate and looking for alternatives. The guy in this video may well be someone the campers needed protecting from, not a representative of the larger community.

I filmed this guy for as long as I could. To get this view, I was leaning awkwardly out of my living room window. As you can see, he travels a reasonable distance down the tracks looking for a way onto the alley that runs behind Water street. As he heads down towards where the Skytrain Waterfront station, I lose focus on him and stop filming, so I don’t know what happened to him after that.

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