Drunk and Wet

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Taking our lovable dog Bowie out for his last pee of the night and grabbing a chance to “medicate,” I came across this rain-soaked table top of cool wine bottles. I took this photo with my new iPhone 14 Pro Max, and the resolution on this is crazy. I can pull just one of those wine bottles, crop in and get a great image. And that should be expected as this is a 48 mp camera taking almost 90 MB images and costing me $2400!!!!

Gastown can be a great place to live if you focus on the positives and make the negatives into positives. I am here, so I will need to learn to live with the abundance of drunken partiers at my doorstep and the endless crowds of wondering in the way tourists on vacation brain. The positives being there are photographic opportunities not available to most photographers on display here all the time. I will do my best to enjoy those moments, like finding a beautiful tabletop of rain-wet wine bottles with attractive labels.

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