It is not as bad as it looks

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I have posted this image that I have reworked from back in 2011. The original image does not have Gerard’s face all Picaso-like. The newly revamped image is titled “Got your face rearranged?”.

I have posted it to my site without any warnings or trigger notices, so I have not posted it on social media. I will leave that to you if you would like. And please do share! Sharing helps me immensely. I have not covered this image on my site because it is artwork and doesn’t need to be covered. It is not that I don’t believe in taking the emotional responses of people with sensitivities to this type of image. Again it is for that reason I did not post it on social where many more people would see it. However, here in my space, where I control the environment, this image is welcome like all others. I love how it turned out.

This photograph is of my husband, Gerard. You can find it on my site here. In this image, he has just fallen and hit his head in the courtyard. Don’t cry for him Argentina. He was likely smoking weed or drinking. He was perfectly fine, and the bleeding stopped quickly with care. The image looks alarming, and that is why I like it. Life is not an entirely peaceful, joyful event. The reality of life is more beautiful than the false perception.

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