Vancouver SRO explosion and fire

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Vancouver SRO explosion and fire

Vancouver Fire Fighters Firstly, thank you for being the brave men and women that help Vancouverites daily at some of their worst moments. Secondly, who is this stunning man? OMG, put him in a calendar and raise a million. 

Otherwise, see my photos from the latest SRO fire in Vancouver. I did not see any flames, and I did not hear the reported explosion. The amazing firefighters of Vancouver already had it under control before we got there. HTTPS://

Saturday, September 10th Vancouver saw another SRO tragedy. No one died, thankfully, but if someone had, it wouldn’t have been the first time. The state of health in the DTES/Chinatown/Gastown and the English Bay Davie Street areas are worsening. The result is increasing violence to the general public but more so to the inhabitants of those areas that are already vulnerable. In addition, today marks the loss of more of the already scarce reasonably priced living spaces that are anything but reasonable conditions to live in. 

I’ve lived in Vancouver and these areas for almost 30 years. I know and expect things to change. I embrace that I love it. But this is a marked turn to violence and victimization brought on by poor government policy, lack of action, and myopic budgeting. 

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