Trip To Kandy

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This photo available for sale on my site is one of my favourites from my March 2023 trip to Sri Lanka. This was the kickoff to my first-ever proper train ride (I’m not including skytrains). Kandy was amazing! This photo is from the Colombo Fort Railway Station.

In this photo, I’ve gone with a red/black & white. I wanted to take a new direction in my editing and create an image that had a new stylized look to an age-old scene of the Sri Lankan railway station the iconic Colombo Fort Station.

The crowd is mostly milling about causally or in casual conversation with friends. However, one guy can be spotted frantically dashing up the stairs for his train which has already arrived on a distant platform.

If you don’t like the watermark and just want to enjoy this photo you can buy it for download. Just .95 cents!

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