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A lady walking her dog off leash later at night under the Convention Centre

Vancouver Street Photography with my Sony 200-600 G

Gerard and I got out for a small walk last night. It is difficult these days because I have developed a rather painful foot issue requiring much care and attention. Not easy for me to do as I am a very active kinda guy. However, we have a doggie family member, and Bowie needs to get out.

Taking a new path to see what sights we might find and trying out a different lens for different shots, I had a great time despite the discomfort. I got the image above and some others that I am working on. I have done enough to post this one, but I feel there is some work to be done here. Not sure my vision is being realized for this image. And therein lies the issue. This image is a spontaneous capture, and I had no vision or expectation of it beforehand. But I had a general idea of what I would find down there and the look I wanted. The lady and her dog were a pleasant surprise.

At this point, it is time to walk away and ruminate on them some more. Edit some other shots. I have literally a thousand images that need my attention.

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