Osteoarthritis so many useless pills

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Osteoarthritis, what a BITCH! The above photo is titled “So many useless pills.”

Merriam Webster: useless, adjective, use·​less ˈyüs-ləs
: having or being of no use:
a useless attempt
b: not able to give service or aid: INEPT

About four months ago, and now late in my 49th year running around, I developed old people problems. I’m joking because it’s either laugh or murder people (again, jokingly). I have developed osteoarthritis in my left big toe. It’s come on fast and HARD!

It hasn’t stopped there. Soon after my toe announced itself with the screaming pain, my foot became trapped in a cage of pain above and below my arch. Now limping most days after about two blocks of walking, I developed a limp, and my inner left knee became as painful as anything else below. My lower back also wanted to join the party.

Crazy how one issue can spiral and cause tension and misalignment that has a ripple effect through half your body. And it doesn’t help when your doctor of thirty years is now half retired, checked out and already on vacation—spending two months chasing his bizarre theory that I have gout.

Pills have been useless, and I have been on large doses. An injection into my big toe was somewhat effective but not enough to want to do it again. This photo I have taken shows a collection of items that are about as useful as the pills featured in the image. I will explore this idea further because I don’t think I realized all of what I wanted here.

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