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We are in a battle with Reliance Properties Vancouver and the City of Vancouver over the TRP (tenant relocation program) that governs our move back to 1188 Bidwell Street. We feel it is time to start to gather resources for a larger public campaign to alert Vancouverites to the fact that these TRP’s are not enforceable. That developers are using them to raise rents on long term tenants by 100%. That the City of Vancouver and specifically Mayor Kennedy Stewart are doing little to solve this issue facing thousands of people. This is the fight for the very liveability and affordability of Vancouver.

Demovictions & Renovictions

Demovictions and renovictions are being used by developers like Reliance to raise rents on tenants. They say they are just trying to increase density in Vancouver. And truly that is a positive affect. Vancouver has a very low vacancy rate and that is a major issue. It has been for all the time I’ve lived in Vancouver. However, this is not the battle of long term tenancy vs. density the developers frame it as. I personally support increasing density in the Vancouver housing market. I went to city hall and spoke on behalf of the 1188 Bidwell project that saw my home demolished and the new 22 story building replace it. I want to see all people able to live in Vancouver, enjoy Vancouver, enrich Vancouver. I simply do not believe that honouring a signed agreement is at odds with increasing housing supply.

What we want to accomplish

With the funds from the GoFunMe campaign, we intend to put our a large PSA on billboards targetted at Reliance Properties Vancouver and the City of Vancouver. Reliance is the 3rd largest property developer in Vancouver and the have tentacles reaching into Victoria, New Westminster, & Surry and very likely elsewhere. They have a lot of developments that are already on the books and have TRP’s they will likely implement in the same bad-faith manner as they have tried to do to us. The city of Vancouver and Mayor Kennedy Stewart are complicit in these acts of bad-faith because they enable them and do nothing to stop them. We will make this extremely public and alert Vancouverites to this immanent situation facing the liveability and affordability of this amazing city. We will use the funds to fight to keep these agreements clear and enforceable. We will also use the funds to fight a legal battle that will have ripple effects across Vancouver and the lower mainland.

Mayor Kennedy Stewart seems happy to shake hands with the devil
Mayor Kennedy Stewart shakes hands with the devil and hurts Vancouver renters!

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