Cloud Iridescence over Horton Plains Sri Lanka

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Cloud Iridescence

Cloud IridescenceThis spectacular site was another reward for a day spent walking the challenging but breathtaking Horton Plains, Sri Lanka.

We were leaving Horton Plains National Park in Sri Lanka tired but exhilarated from our 8 km trek through the park. 8 km isn’t much for me to walk; I can run 21k. Nevertheless, this is at altitude, and the terrain is challenging at junctures. It changes from rocky hill sections to flat grass plains and streams. Horton Plains is nestled at the TOP of Sri Lanka and has some stunning scenery to enjoy. On our walk, I saw whole mixed families enjoying the park, so it is open to people of diverse abilities. There are two different walking paths, one long and one short. 

In Sri Lanka, the sun is always a concern. The temperature and humidity are high. It is not uncommon to be 30c and have 80% humidity. However, up in Horton Plains, I found it even harder. It’s not that it’s hotter, but you are on the top of a mountain, so you feel the sun’s power more and the UV. Sun protection is a must, as is top quality walk shoes. 

Cloud iridescence or irisation is a colourful optical phenomenon that happens when the sun or moon is nearby, and the cloud has very uniform water or ice droplets. Of course, there also needs to be some other interesting magic at play, but it all boils down to we were fortunate to see it. 

As you can see from the photograph, the effect is what looks like a cloud rainbow. The colours can be pastel or vivid and are easier to see when viewing the result from the moon because a bright sun can obscure it. So we got to view the cloud iridescence with vivid colours and a bright sun. Just more magic, thanks to Horton Plains.

This photograph of the Cloud Iridescence over Horton Plains Sri Lanka is available to purchase from my site: Kian Charles Gray Photography https://www.kian.photograph

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