BMine the “Engagement”

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Captured during sunset and with some cargo ships heading out into the future BMine is a photo I took years ago of the Engagement sculpture installed on the Beach of English Bay. Available for download sale and high quality art prints. These days it’s looking a little warn and showing some age. Not unlike the rings my husband and I wear. That age shown on the rings (not pictured) shows you can weather the storms and be richer for them.

The “Engagement” sculpture is a public artwork that was installed on English Bay Beach in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, in 2014.

Created by a local artist, Dennis Oppenheim, the sculpture is made of steel and stands at 21 feet tall. It consists of two massive rings, one vertical and one horizontal, that are interlocked at a 45-degree angle. The horizontal ring is suspended in the air, while the vertical ring sits on the ground. The sculpture is designed to be interactive, and visitors are encouraged to walk through the rings and explore the space within.

The artwork was commissioned as part of the City of Vancouver’s public art program and was funded by the developer of a nearby residential building. The artist stated that the sculpture was intended to represent the union of two people, symbolizing the act of engagement, as well as the connection between land and sea.

Since its installation, the “Engagement” sculpture has become a popular landmark and photo opportunity for visitors to English Bay Beach. It has also generated some controversy, with some locals expressing concerns about its cost and artistic merit. Nonetheless, it remains a notable piece of public art in Vancouver’s urban landscape.

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