Vancouver SRO explosion and fire

Holy hot fireman!
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Vancouver SRO explosion and fire

Vancouver Fire Fighters Firstly, thank you for being the brave men and women that help Vancouverites daily at some of their worst moments. Secondly, who is this stunning man? OMG, put him in a calendar and raise a million. 

Otherwise, see my photos from the latest SRO fire in Vancouver. I did not see any flames, and I did not hear the reported explosion. The amazing firefighters of Vancouver already had it under control before we got there. HTTPS://

Saturday, September 10th Vancouver saw another SRO tragedy. No one died, thankfully, but if someone had, it wouldn’t have been the first time. The state of health in the DTES/Chinatown/Gastown and the English Bay Davie Street areas are worsening. The result is increasing violence to the general public but more so to the inhabitants of those areas that are already vulnerable. In addition, today marks the loss of more of the already scarce reasonably priced living spaces that are anything but reasonable conditions to live in. 

I’ve lived in Vancouver and these areas for almost 30 years. I know and expect things to change. I embrace that I love it. But this is a marked turn to violence and victimization brought on by poor government policy, lack of action, and myopic budgeting. 

Starting up a business means doing a lot on your own

Kian Charles Gray Photography Logo
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Kian Charles Gray Photography Logo
Kian Charles Gray Photography Logo

Starting up a business means doing a lot on your own. I’ve been there before, so I know how to do that.

Starting a new photography business is proving to take up a lot of my spare time, and it is not all about the fun stuff like capturing images. Instead, a lot of the work is the less glamorous structural stuff. For example, I set up the storefront, get listed on stock photography sites, get work products ready for those vectors, and establish a social media/brand presence daily before and after work. Then I shot and edit new work.

Today has started by getting a logo & watermark created. I like what I have made with the help of Adobe suite. I know there are ways to tighten this up, and I will get on that, but I like this direction, and I feel it comes the closest to a unified identity of where I am right now. I have other ideas that would better include other aspects of my personality; I am just unsure how to realize those right now.

Street Photography different path, sights, camera gear, opportunities

Lady walks her dog off leash under the Vancouver Convention Centre
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A lady walking her dog off leash later at night under the Convention Centre

Vancouver Street Photography with my Sony 200-600 G

Gerard and I got out for a small walk last night. It is difficult these days because I have developed a rather painful foot issue requiring much care and attention. Not easy for me to do as I am a very active kinda guy. However, we have a doggie family member, and Bowie needs to get out.

Taking a new path to see what sights we might find and trying out a different lens for different shots, I had a great time despite the discomfort. I got the image above and some others that I am working on. I have done enough to post this one, but I feel there is some work to be done here. Not sure my vision is being realized for this image. And therein lies the issue. This image is a spontaneous capture, and I had no vision or expectation of it beforehand. But I had a general idea of what I would find down there and the look I wanted. The lady and her dog were a pleasant surprise.

At this point, it is time to walk away and ruminate on them some more. Edit some other shots. I have literally a thousand images that need my attention.

Do you belong here?

A feather I found on the floor of our apartment elevator
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A feather I found on the floor of our apartment elevator.

Kind of like the abstract window scene from yesterday; this image is a journey you just go with. Nothing to dissect here, just a nice-looking image with a pleasing pattern.

This image is of a feather I found lying on the elevator floor in our apartment building. My first thought was what a strange, beautiful, odd feather. It doesn’t belong here. Not just in this elevator but in Vancouver. I can’t think of a single bird this feather would come from. I felt real joy finding this feather. Just the oddity of it being there and that it was so beautiful.

I quickly grabbed a snap going to the lobby to our floor; this image was the result.

I can’t figure it out yet, either.

I can't figure it out yet, either.
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I can’t figure it out yet, either. Download on my site

I can’t figure it out yet, either. But, sometimes, you know when something is good and that your initial reaction or attraction is a pull to go down that road to find the reward of something you can’t explain but simply enjoy.

That image, to me, is a visual pull to explore with only a sensation of enjoying without needing to figure anything out. Everything is stretched vertically by this excellent metallic bar in the window of a furniture store across the street. The straight vertical lines are pleasing, and the colour pops it all. Not in focus but perfectly focused.

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