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You can view Chompers in higher quality or buy the photo for as little as .95 cents on my site, just click this link.

This image shows a Sri Lankan street dog in Kandy. In this photo he is chomping down on what I assume is the jaw bone of a monkey. I asked ChatGPT to write a story for this and here is what I got back:

In the bustling streets of Colombo, Sri Lanka, there lived a street dog named Raja. He was a robust and muscular dog, his coat a blend of earthy tones that camouflaged perfectly with the urban landscape he called home. Raja had been a survivor on these streets for years, and he was not one to be trifled with.

Raja’s territory was a quiet alleyway behind a small market, a place where he found refuge from the commotion of the city. He was known for his sharp, territorial instincts and a bark that could send shivers down the spine of anyone who dared to encroach upon his turf. To most passersby, he was an intimidating presence, and they wisely kept their distance.

However, there were a few people in the neighborhood whom Raja had come to recognize and even trust. Among them was Kavi, a gentle fruit vendor who had taken pity on the street dog and often left him scraps of food. Over time, a cautious friendship had developed between them.

One sunny afternoon, as Raja lounged in the shade of a coconut tree, gnawing on a discarded coconut husk, Kavi approached him with a glimmer of excitement in his eyes. In his hand, he held a jawbone, the remnants of a monkey skull, with bits of flesh and fur still clinging to it.

Raja’s keen senses immediately detected the scent of the bone, and he regarded it with interest. Kavi crouched down, gently offering the jawbone to the street dog. “Here, Raja,” he said softly, “I found this near the forest outskirts. Thought you might like it.”

Raja cautiously accepted the offering, his eyes never leaving Kavi’s face. He took the jawbone into his strong jaws and began to gnaw at it. The remnants of the monkey’s flesh provided a satisfying, primal delight that echoed back to his days as a wild scavenger.

As Raja chewed on the bone, Kavi watched with a sense of satisfaction. He knew that, despite Raja’s tough exterior, the street dog deserved moments of comfort and reprieve from the harsh realities of his life on the streets.

Over time, this shared moment of trust deepened the bond between Raja and Kavi. Raja began to tolerate Kavi’s presence more readily and even allowed occasional gentle pats on his head. The alleyway behind the market became a sanctuary not just for Raja, but for a unique friendship that transcended the boundaries of species.

As Raja continued to guard his territory and assert his presence on the bustling streets of Colombo, he carried with him the memory of that fateful day when Kavi offered him a simple gift – a monkey’s jawbone – a gesture that reminded him that even in the toughest of circumstances, kindness and trust could bridge the gap between a street dog and a caring soul.

Sri Lankan Sloth Bear

Sri Lankan Sloth Bear
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Available on my site for purchase in much higher quality than this compressed jpg. Grab it for .95 cents!

This is just a quick post before I run off to grab my hubby from the skytrain. I’ve started work on editing the sloth bear we were fortunate enough to photograph as we left Wilpattu Nation Park Sri Lanka

This guy was so close to the Jeep my lens was at its minimum focusing distance. But more on that later. Edited the image to a black & blue.

Fruit Loops Cousin

Fruit Loops Cousin
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For sale on my site for as little as .95 cents/Canadian. Please check out the image on my site. This .jpg is not a great version of the proper high quality image. This is my idea of the toucan reimagined in Sri Lanka as a hornbill. They are cousins so this is Fruit Loops cousin, kinda the same and very different.

In the heart of the Froot Loops cereal box, there existed a vibrant and magical world where a special hornbill named Benny lived. This world was unlike any other, filled with towering loops of every colour imaginable, a cereal paradise that Benny called home.

Benny was a striking hornbill with feathers that shone as brightly as a rainbow. His wings were strong, and his beak was sharp, perfect for slicing through the loops of Froot Loops as he soared through the cereal-filled sky. But what truly set Benny apart was his passion for sports.

In this whimsical world, the inhabitants were always up for friendly competition, and Benny was at the heart of it all. He was the star player of the Froot Loops Flyers, a birdie basketball team, and also a key member of the Loop-de-Loop Lacrosse League. His energy was boundless, and his love for sports was infectious.

But Benny wasn’t alone in his athletic pursuits. He had a cousin, a colourful toucan named Timmy. Timmy’s vibrant plumage matched the hues of the Froot Loops world perfectly, and he was a sports enthusiast too. Together, Benny and Timmy made an unbeatable team, whether they were on the basketball court, lacrosse field, or in the cycling velodrome where they raced through loops.

One sunny morning, Benny and Timmy decided to organize a grand race through the Froot Loops fields. The whole world was abuzz with excitement as birds of all shapes, sizes, and colours gathered at the starting line. The loop-shaped track stretched ahead of them, a kaleidoscope of colours spiralling in every direction.

The race began, and the competitors took off, their wings propelling them through the loops with grace and determination. Benny and Timmy led the pack, their synchronized movements showcasing their years of teamwork. As they neared the finish line, it was clear that it would be a close race, but in the end, it was Benny and Timmy who crossed it first, feathers ruffled and beaks filled with laughter.

Their victory was celebrated with a feast of Froot Loops of every flavour, shared by all the cheerful participants. The whole world erupted in a symphony of colour and joy, with the loops themselves dancing to the rhythm of their celebrations.

In this enchanting world of Froot Loops, Benny and Timmy continued to lead their sports teams, competing and spreading their infectious enthusiasm for friendly competition. They showed that even in the most colourful and whimsical places, the bonds of family, teamwork, and the thrill of sports could unite friends and neighbours alike.

And so, the cereal-filled world of Froot Loops remained a place of laughter, camaraderie, and endless adventure, thanks to the indomitable spirit of a hornbill named Benny and his toucan cousin, Timmy.

Trip To Kandy

Running for the train
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This photo available for sale on my site is one of my favourites from my March 2023 trip to Sri Lanka. This was the kickoff to my first-ever proper train ride (I’m not including skytrains). Kandy was amazing! This photo is from the Colombo Fort Railway Station.

In this photo, I’ve gone with a red/black & white. I wanted to take a new direction in my editing and create an image that had a new stylized look to an age-old scene of the Sri Lankan railway station the iconic Colombo Fort Station.

The crowd is mostly milling about causally or in casual conversation with friends. However, one guy can be spotted frantically dashing up the stairs for his train which has already arrived on a distant platform.

If you don’t like the watermark and just want to enjoy this photo you can buy it for download. Just .95 cents!

He Sees Me

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The above image is available on my site to purchase or if you like just to view in higher quality. I was once again privileged enough to go to Sri Lanka and while I was there I took the opportunity to engage in some street photography.

This image quickly became one of my favourites. Sadly I packed the wrong lens with me for this day out but I managed some good shots and what I didn’t get in the lens I was able to correct in editing.

I really dislike describing photos I’ve taken unless its in conversation with friends. So I reply on ChatGPT to do that part for me:

In the heart of Sri Lanka, on a warm and vibrant afternoon, a group of friends, all in their mid-twenties, gathered at the bustling Colombo Fort Railway Station. These young men, like many others in the country, shared a deep bond with the country’s iconic train system. For them, the train journeys were more than just a means of transportation; they were an adventure, a way to experience the diverse beauty of their homeland.

Dressed in casual attire, with backpacks filled with snacks and a sense of excitement, the friends boarded a train bound for Kandy, one of Sri Lanka’s most picturesque destinations. They took their usual spots by the open windows, eager to witness the breathtaking landscapes that would unfold before their eyes.

As the train pulled out of the station, they couldn’t contain their laughter and animated chatter. They reminisced about their childhood adventures, shared stories of recent escapades, and teased each other mercilessly. With their camaraderie and humor, the train car became alive with their lively banter.

About halfway through their journey, one of the friends, Ravi, noticed something unusual. He leaned closer to the window and whispered excitedly to his companions, “Guys, look there!”

Curiosity piqued, they followed Ravi’s gaze to the adjacent train platform. Standing there was a tourist, a young woman with a camera hanging from her neck. She was captivated by the sights, sounds, and colors of the station. Her eyes lit up as she snapped photos of the vendors selling aromatic street food, women in vibrant saris, and the hustle and bustle of the station.

The young men exchanged glances and grinned at each other. It was clear that the tourist had been drawn to their spirited group and the vibrant atmosphere of the station. They continued to observe her as she aimed her camera in their direction.

With a cheeky grin, Nilantha, the joker of the group, waved energetically at the tourist, inviting her to capture their moment on film. The others joined in, striking poses, waving, and even pretending to be models for her impromptu photoshoot.

The tourist, delighted by their enthusiastic response, couldn’t help but laugh. She took several candid shots of the group, capturing their genuine joy and camaraderie. It was a moment of connection between strangers, bridging the gap between local life and a traveler’s exploration.

As the two trains began to pull away from each other, the friends waved their goodbyes to the tourist, who waved back with a bright smile. In that brief encounter, they had shared a genuine moment of connection, transcending cultural boundaries and language barriers.

Throughout the remainder of their journey to Kandy, the group of friends couldn’t help but reflect on the spontaneous encounter with the tourist. They realized that, in that fleeting moment, they had become a part of her travel story, just as she had become a part of theirs. It was a reminder of the magic that can happen when people from different corners of the world come together, if only for a brief moment, through the simple act of a shared photograph and a friendly wave.

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