Wind Mobile Internet Speed Test

I have had Wind Mobile as my cell provider for the last 4 years. In that time I have come to learn that there are upsides and downsides to this services. But that could be said of all cell phone providers. On the upside I currently pay at least half if not less for monthly service than my friends with Bell/Telus/Rogers/Fido. Most of them are paying upwards of $50 just for internet on their phones. I find that way too high to pay for internet on a device like your phone. I pay just a little more than that for my 100 mbit cable line at home and there it is at least worth it and used appropriately.

All that said the big downside of Wind Mobile in Vancouver is the internet speed and coverage area. The speeds can differ dramatically depending where in Vancouver you are. Even at there best the are not nearly the same as the 4G LTE coverage offered by the other cell service providers. At best I am getting 5 mbit and on average I am getting between 1.2 & 2 mbit from Wind whereas my friends on 4G LTE are getting 50 mbit. 10 and mostly 25 times the difference! Here are the tests I am running on my Wind Mobile Vancouver internet service using my Samsung GS4:


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