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Housing Insecurity?

Stay or Go?

Have you ever faced housing insecurity because of a broken rental agreement? Clearly I have and am as well as my fellow Baycrest comrades. We are facing down Reliance Properties Vancouver over a violated TRP agreement.

But this is not the first time in my life this has been an issue. I found myself in constant housing insecurity as a child. Before my 16th birthday, I must have moved at least 16 times. No wonder when the choice was mine I put down roots. Gerard and I lived at 1170 Bidwell for 17 years! That marked the longest time in my life I ever lived anywhere. And if not for the fact that Reliance tore it down to build the new building 1188 Bidwell we would still be living there now. I am not a fan of moving! Been there and done that too many times. I can’t even remember all the elementary and high schools I attended because of all the moves.


Have you ever been homeless? I have. It’s not fun! Granted I was not homeless for long but I can remember it vividly. I was 18 and foster care was at an end. I found myself with little to no supports. So I found myself on the streets of Langley B.C. for a couple of nights. Thank GOD it only lasted two nights. I slept in bank vestibules and was thankful I had a bank card so I could access them. Maybe not all homeless people have a bank card and I don’t know where then they find shelter for the night. I guess they don’t. I had a little money so I could eat and for the rest of that time, I just managed. It was scary and lonely. It was a scary moment where I felt alone and vulnerable. Nothing in my life had prepared me to survive this way. I really don’t know what would have happened if it had continued. Thankfully I had been a foster kid and the ministry took pity on me to get me into a motel for a month.


I put down roots these days. Left to my own devices I prefer to remain in my home. My hubby and I could be called nesters. Our home looks lived in and it is.

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