Those on the wrong side HIDE

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Jon your hiding! Seriously dude, your hiding! You have never made any attempt to directly communicate with us. No meetings at a table. No conference calls you know since you’re clearly so covid concerned. You are hiding.

You have forced me into weekly Thursday protest. Every Thursday at 1 p.m. 111 Water Street I will be available for Jon Stovell to come and explain why he is right. Why his interoperation of the TRP is correct. How it is that he has in no way deceived us over the years and to his intent for the move back to 1188 Bidwell. How he had not played on the incompetence of the City of Vancouver staff/lawyers and how he cowed Mayor Kennedy Stewart into serving his will.

Mayor Kennedy Stewart seems happy to shake hands with the devil
Mayor Kennedy Stewart shakes hands with the devil and hurts Vancouver renters!

Mayor Stewart I will be protesting at City hall soon. You have a done nothing to help the average renters of Vancouver! You know you got elected by us and we thought we were getting something different – something better! You were only elected by 900+ votes. Slim win. I will work to cost you at least those 900. I will work hard to maker sure your betrayal of the renters of Vancouver is known in every corner of this city.

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