Thank You BCGEU!

This site is not by personal blog. However for the time being it is ground zero information centre for this fight to save our homes. Today I just want to give a big shout out to my union the BCGEU. They are standing behind affordable housing and getting the word out about bad faith Reliance. They have a lot of reach in terms of member power. With just a tweet or a share on facebook they reach 1000X the people I do.

You may ask why these have taken a stand here. This is a personal housing issue not a workplace issue. That is a fair question. I also asked it. Turns out they care because the are good people. They care because the membership told them they wanted this to be a priority. They care because the president of the BCGEU Stephanie Smith said it must be a top priority. We feel that support and we are grateful.

Media Coverage

Vancouver Tenants Fight Renoviction

Find here all the media that we are aware of covering our broken agreement with Reliance Properties Vancouver:

Thank You MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert! We asked you for a statement and you tweeted this. We couldn’t agree with you more:

Please feel free to contact us with any Media Requests. We will reply as soon as possible. We want to get our story out as far and wide as possible.

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