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Please visit this link and send a message that Reliance will hear: Jon Stovell: honour the promises you made

Thank you BCGEU! Your support has given us tools that balance the scales. Without you we are a group of 3 families taking on a billion dollar Vancouver City developer. Alone we are rather like David vs Goliath if David was billion times smaller. And somehow I think that bible passage would have played out differently if he were.

But we are not a billion times smaller than Reliance. As much as they would like to make us think we are. In fact we are as big as Vancouver or even BC! We are not just three families. We are all the renters that could and will face this exact same situation.

Please send a message to Jon Stovell. This email you send will go to Jon Stovell and some other key decision makers. It will send a clear message to them that affordable housing is an issue for you. That you expect developers to honour the agreements they sign. That you stand up for your fellow Vancovuerites and that you want Vancouver to be livable for the average person.

This broken agreement and permitting process by the City of Vancouver and Reliance Properties has been a test of the efficacy of Vancouver’s Tenant Relocation Plan and it has failed. If a signed agreement between City Hall, a developer and a tenant doesn’t have to be honoured, what’s left to protect renters and communities as the housing crisis continues?

Please send the message from this page. The support of readers like you has kept us in our homes this far. We have only until the end of February to get Reliance to see reason and honour the agreement they signed with us. Only massive public pressure and counter a company so bent on tossing out rent paying citizens. Every renter can relate to housing insecurity. We can level the playing field but it requires we support one another.

Thank You, the Baycrest Crew

UPDATE: The launch of this new direct email pressure campaign to pressure Reliance and Jon Stovell to honour our agreement is getting his attention:

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