Weekly Protests of Reliance head office located at 111 Water Street

I have started weekly protests of the Reliance head office located at 111 Water Street Vancouver BC. I will be there every Thursday around 1 p.m. and protesting for about an hour or so. I will keep this up for months! I will be there to remind Jon Stovell that if he doesn't want to meet at a table to discuss a resolution to our situation, the one where he has broken our contract for TRP, I will be letting the public know. Jon Stovell: Those who are on the wrong side, hide! Surprise surprise he did not come out and talk to me and he has never made any attempt to meet with us to discuss a peaceful way out of this broken contract.

My first protest went well

Tenant Power

Tenant Power

I got a megaphone for $40 and it is loud and fun. The Vancouver Tenants Union joined me and we made some noise. One of the members made some great stickers for us to wear. I think it sums it up well: Tenant Power! We are the majority and we do hold the cards. The problem is that we are not a group. The Vancouver Tenants Union aims to be that group and it is vital we come together.

I will tell you I felt empowered and excited. It was FUN! Its was me exercising my rights to peaceful protest and going straight at my aggressor Reliance Properties Vancouver over a broken contract for our TRP. I will have the energy to keep this up and keep in their face on their turf.

Please come down and protest with me. They are here for us now but next on the chopping block is hundreds if not thousands of other Vancouver area tenants. If you have a signed contract for a TRP with your developer and the City of Vancouver it is not worth the paper it is signed on. You might be thinking it is solid but it is not. There are now many examples of the lies and I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you are up next.

The City will LIE to you!

Politicians like Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart and the city staff are not on our side. They will tell you to your face they are but trust me they are not. They will work with the developers behind you back to get you out of your signed contracts for TRP and get you to sign for something much less than what you are owed. What we get if we band together is secured housing and TRP's that are actually enforceable. We can get the city to hold the developers like Reliance Properties Vancouver to honour the TRP's as signed as sold by the City of Vancouver.  Remember: These are signed contacts and the developers like Reliance have benefited from the contracts by getting permits for construction issued.

It is beyond comprehension that the city would then turn around when it is time to implement the final stages of the signed contracts and give the developers a pass on a broken contract and issue the permits for occupancy. Just like here in this article: Vancouver is 'disappointed' by developer's actions but has no legal grounds to step in  Believe me when I tell you the city is lying here. They knew all along that they were not going to even try and get the terms of the TRP upheld. They had done this several times before they got to our file and they will do it to you. They will tell you that this has never happened before but in reality it is just the normal process of how they deal with tenants rights over developer interests. Surprise! They care more for developers than renters and they will lie to you and steamroll you.


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