Politicians once elected get weak.

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Juan Agrees with Us!
Juan Agrees with Us! We have the right to move back “for the same rent amount during a two (2) years term”

Don’t get me wrong here! I have voted for and would continue to vote for MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert. However I would also have to admit that I am getting more than a little upset with politicians that seem soft on issues they once found little room for debate on. Say like a 90% $1100 rent increase.

***UPDATE*** below find a tweet from MLA Chandra Herbert

I have had no luck so far in getting a letter of support from MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert or from Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart. And both of these politicians should be natural allies of ours. Both have made extensive comments and statements of support on housing and affordable housing in the past. While I have not gotten support of any tangible kind from either of these two politicians I can at least say the MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert did call me and gave me time to discuss our situation. He also asked for related documents and looked them over then providing his interpretation of our lease. This is far more than the Mayor has done!

Mayor Kennedy Stewart has yet to call me back or directly respond in anyway to all of my contact attempts.

I’ve called 13 times as of today and at best I have received a few call backs by Mayor Stewart’s support staff but nothing from the big man himself. I find this difficult to accept. I voted for him. Now like so many other Vancouverites and other natural allies of the common person we find ourselves wondering what happened. Where did the mayor we thought we were getting go? Why has he gone soft on issues of affordable housing? Sure he makes grand statements about it in general but where did the prospective mayor that was giving on camera statements of support like:

That mayor Stewart is gone! No support no contact no access. Seems if you want his attention you had better be a Vancouver City property developer like Reliance Properties Vancouver his new best friend. Mayor Kennedy Stewart has given in on protecting the average person in favour of the powerful boardroom. Perhaps this is just his short term solution to reelection next term with donations from his 1%er buddies like Jon?

Reliance Properties Vancouver and Jon Stovell have showered local and Provincial politics with cash to further their goals. Mayor Kennedy Stewart got none of it, so far. Here are publicly available reports on the campaign donations: Reliance Provincial Campaign Donations  Reliance Municipal Campaign Donations Jon Stovell Municipal Campaign Donations

Go for it mayor. Claim your cash. Get some of that Reliance money. Don’t mind the fact that as you buddy up to them for the dollar they crush us the people who voted for you. Don’t lose sleep over the fact that my bed might be gone. Just get the cash and get re-elected.

MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert has at least called me. The conversation was nice. He provided a kind ear and listened to me recount the pressures Reliance is putting us under. He offered some words. However it wasn’t anything we hadn’t heard before or didn’t already know. I asked for a public statement of support like what he was very well known for in the past. Support he offered back in the says when he was an opposition MLA:

However we have been offered no public support. Even on my request for a simple statement of support on the rental affordability crisis in Vancouver in general. Surly anyone could give support to the general idea that Vancouver needs affordable rental apartments. I know that the MLA would support that. But no public letter of support. At least not yet.

So it seems that when an opposition member of government gets to the other side and forms government they become soft on issues once dear to their hearts. If that is the case let any dreams I may have had about running for any kind of elected office die now. I would not be able to face myself as a sellout unable to voice the position I hold to heart.

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