steamy evening, a ChatGPT story

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Kian in the shower. Available on my site:

Kian in the shower, golden/red light

I’m too busy to be writing copy for images I take. I would much rather take and edit the photos than write descriptions. I’m also too small to have the ability to pay someone to do this work for me even if it is essential for getting the G lords attention. So enter ChatGPT:

It was a steamy evening in the heart of downtown, where the air was thick with humidity, and the streets were slick with rain. The only light source in a dimly lit room came from a flickering lamp in the corner. The room was hot, and the steam rose from a large central bathtub.

In the middle of the steam stood a man, completely naked. He was tall and muscular with a chiselled physique, his skin glistening with sweat. His eyes were closed as he stood there, letting the heat and steam wash over him.

The man’s name was Alex, and he was a professional fighter. He had just come from a gruelling training session and used the steam room to help soothe his aching muscles. As he stood there, he let his mind wander, thinking about his upcoming fight and the intense preparation he would need to undertake.

Suddenly, the room door opened, and his coach, a grizzled fight game veteran, walked in. The coach looked at Alex and nodded, acknowledging the intensity of his training session. “You’re looking good, kid,” he said, his voice rough and gravelly.

Alex opened his eyes and smiled at his coach. “Thanks, coach. I’m putting in the work; I want to be ready for this fight.”

The coach nodded again, “I know you do, but you must also take care of yourself. So make sure you’re not overdoing it, okay?”

Alex nodded in agreement, knowing that his coach was right. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes again, letting the steam envelop him. As he stood there, he felt a sense of peace wash over him, knowing he was doing everything he could to be ready for the biggest fight of his life.

BMine the “Engagement”

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Captured during sunset and with some cargo ships heading out into the future BMine is a photo I took years ago of the Engagement sculpture installed on the Beach of English Bay. Available for download sale and high quality art prints. These days it’s looking a little warn and showing some age. Not unlike the rings my husband and I wear. That age shown on the rings (not pictured) shows you can weather the storms and be richer for them.

The “Engagement” sculpture is a public artwork that was installed on English Bay Beach in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, in 2014.

Created by a local artist, Dennis Oppenheim, the sculpture is made of steel and stands at 21 feet tall. It consists of two massive rings, one vertical and one horizontal, that are interlocked at a 45-degree angle. The horizontal ring is suspended in the air, while the vertical ring sits on the ground. The sculpture is designed to be interactive, and visitors are encouraged to walk through the rings and explore the space within.

The artwork was commissioned as part of the City of Vancouver’s public art program and was funded by the developer of a nearby residential building. The artist stated that the sculpture was intended to represent the union of two people, symbolizing the act of engagement, as well as the connection between land and sea.

Since its installation, the “Engagement” sculpture has become a popular landmark and photo opportunity for visitors to English Bay Beach. It has also generated some controversy, with some locals expressing concerns about its cost and artistic merit. Nonetheless, it remains a notable piece of public art in Vancouver’s urban landscape.

Untitled Craziness

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Updated the header image for my photo blog. The image “Untitled Craziness” is a picture of George, our kitten playing with a cat toy he’s obsessed with. I’ve stuck it in our hammock, and so it makes for a dynamic experience as he plays. Quickly got out the camera and grabbed this pic of the cat dance.

Looking for male boudoir models

Bare Bear. A warrior bear tattoo on the side of a naked man.
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Modern Male Boudoir Photography, Kian Charles Gray, Vancouver

Kian Charles Gray Photography is looking for up to five more men to do catalogue shots for my client gallery. If you would like free professional boudoir photos and don’t mind being part of an online catalogue of photos, email me. See my website for examples of my work.

If you would rather get some boudoir photos of yourself, you can book with me but not have them become part of an artist gallery. My price is $600/session on average, but from now Im booking in at $250, so you have a chance to save big!

Modern Male Boudoir Photography offered in Vancouver

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Kian posed in a boudoir style on the hardwood in leather pants.

Male boudoir photography captures intimate and sensual images of men in a style similar to traditional boudoir photography, typically associated with female subjects. This type of photography aims to showcase the male form and personality tastefully and artistically.

Male boudoir photography can feature subjects in various stages of undress, from fully clothed to partially clothed or completely nude, and can include a range of poses and settings. The focus is creating visually appealing images showcasing the subject’s physique and personality.

While male boudoir photography has been around for many years, it has become increasingly popular in recent years as more men seek to celebrate their bodies and feel empowered through intimate photography. In addition, this type of photography is often used to create a unique and personal gift for a partner or to boost self-confidence and self-esteem.

As with any photography, it’s essential to work with a skilled and experienced photographer who understands how to create a comfortable and safe environment for their subjects. Male boudoir photographers should be respectful, professional, and able to guide their subjects through creating beautiful and intimate images.

I highlight the last words above beautiful and intimate images. This is why you should feel no shame in displaying these images of yourself. I present a gallery of my work featuring pictures of myself. It is uncommon for a photographer to show work of themselves like this to clients, but why not? I will ask you to pose to your comfort level in situations like this. View these photos to reference my ability and know I have done what you are looking for.

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