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We are tenants of Reliance Properties Vancouver and we are facing a renoviction and $1100 rent increase. Reliance Properties is making us victims of the Vancouver housing crisis. For brevity of this post please see this CBC News story about our situation. We have until the end of February to sign a new lease with Reliance. The new lease will jack up our rent by over a thousand dollars or face eviction. We need your help as a Vancouver City Councillor. PLEASE HELP US! We need the average citizens of Vancouver to join us in this fight. Please read and sign this petition .

20 Years Almost $300,000 Spent, Slap in the Face

After 20 years and paying almost $300,000 in rent it should not be that we can simply be forced into a situation we can not afford or kicked out of Vancouver. I am on this side of increased density of housing. Clearly the market is too tight and needs relief. But must that relief come at the expense of people that have called this city home for decades? I strongly believe there is a way for both concerns to be balanced and resolved.

Density But Not at the Cost of Affordable Tenancy

Take the case of our developer Reliance. They would say that they have already given us more than we are entitled to. That would be incorrect as we have a signed agreement that was to secure our right to move into the units at the same rent we were paying before we got removed for demolition. They would say that they can not bare the cost of allowing us to remain at the rent we were paying. To be clear there are only 3 families involved here, only three units out of a 22 story building with at least 5 units per floor. So I do not understand how us three families are anything other than a rounding error on the of costs to that building. We do not want to be made victims of the Vancouver housing crisis.

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Stunning Time Lapse of Burrard Inlet Vancouver, 24 Hours 4K Video

Canada Place Convention Centre and the Trains
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Time Lapse of Burrard Inlet Vancouver BC Canada

This is the view from my home. What can I say? Its hard to live but someones go to do it! This is a 24 hour time lapse video of the view out my window. I over look the North Shore Mountains, Burrard Inlet, Canada Place Convention Centre, the Trains, and at this time of the year cruise ships. This time lapse using my iPhone X and the app ProCam gives you the compressed experience of my living room view.

Nigh time Vancouver EUC Ride in the Rain GoPro 4K Video

SoloWheel Glide 3 EUC
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Nigh time Vancouver EUC Ride in the Rain GoPro 4K Video

I just picked up a GoPro Hero 7 and its awesome. I had to get it out for a ride on my EUC for a test. As you can see from the video it has great stabilization and even at night it does a great job recording the action.

On this ride I just went out for a quick tour of the Vancouver False Creek seawall down to Howe street and along to Dunsmuir street and home. This is one of my favourite quick rides on my electric unicycle. It makes great use of the seawall, a crown jewel of Vancouver, and our great bike paths that can take you all over the city.

Sunday Mornings At My House

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Okay its not like I’m a pyro but I do love a good flambĂ©. Here is a slow motion video of the best way to top of your pancakes or waffles. In the pan we have butter/brown sugar, lime zest & juice, cardamom, & tequila sauce.

Getting Out There 4K Video EUC

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Getting out for a quick ride on my Self Balancing Unicycle otherwise known as an EUC. This view is from my GoPro mounted from my helmet and looking down to show the balance required for the ride.

This thing is AWSOME! I love it!! By far the most fun thing I have ever spent money on and use regularly. It is a little hard to learn at first but anyone can and all it takes it a bit of dedication. You need to go through a period of learning that feels like you will never get it until you do. Kinda like climbing a mountain, hard/impossible/hard/hard/ then all of a sudden you just start getting it and you’re off to the races.

On this ride I am headed to the seawall to try and see the sunset.

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