Nigh time Vancouver EUC Ride in the Rain GoPro 4K Video

I just picked up a GoPro Hero 7 and its awesome. I had to get it out for a ride on my EUC for a test. As you can see from the video it has great stabilization and even at night it does a great job recording the action.

On this ride I just went out for a quick tour of the Vancouver False Creek seawall down to Howe street and along to Dunsmuir street and home. This is one of my favourite quick rides on my electric unicycle. It makes great use of the seawall, a crown jewel of Vancouver, and our great bike paths that can take you all over the city.

One thought on “Nigh time Vancouver EUC Ride in the Rain GoPro 4K Video

  1. hey! this is cool. i have yet to find people to go ride with lol. none of my friends own a euc. just curious did you get any warning from cops? some guys received $600 tickets for riding on streets, and the law prohibits riding these things on sewall and any bike lanes. basically everywhere except grassy field in a park.

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