Jon has your landlord every taken your toilet away for a month?

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Jon had somewhere to deposit
Jon had a toilet. Did we not deserve one?

I have never forgotten just what Reliance Properties Vancouver is about. I’ve lived with them for 20 years. I’ve paid them almost $300,000. And I have suffered some horrific treatment at their greedy hands. They have used as at times as little more than an ATM. A source of relabel currency that they owned no respect or dignity.  If when you are done reading this post please consider signing our petition and sending a message to Reliance that you will not abide this behaviour.

Jon has your landlord every taken your toilet away for a month? Somehow I very much doubt that. But then again you likely don’t live in a Reliance building. To be fair here I don’t know when you joined the Reliance Properties Vancouver team. So maybe you were not there several years ago when my bathroom ceiling collapsed. But it did and what followed was a nightmare.

Reliance was famous in our building 1170 Bidwell, now 1188 Bidwell, for the shoddiest of work. I saw them time and again repair plumbing issues with duct tape. I’m serious…. They would not replace a broken pipe they would simply wrap as much duct tape as it took to put it back together. So little wounder when my bathroom ceiling came crashing down. Then the real trouble began.

To conduct the repair they came in and stripped our bathroom down to the wall studs. I mean everything was gone! No walls, no bathtub, no sink, AND NO TOILET! They came in and took everything away then left. They never returned for a MONTH. We would call almost daily looking for some answers as to when we would get our bathroom back. Every call no answer. When we did get an answer it was to tell us to stop complaining, “your getting a bathroom remodel like you wanted”. Trying not to cry I had to remind them that we did not ask for or desire a remodel of our bathroom. We simply wanted a BATHROOM a TOILET! I had to remind them that it was not a remodel request but that our ceiling collapsed and that Reliance took everything away.

So if Jon Stovell, President of Reliance Properties Vancouver, is asking himself why we will not simply go away and stop trying to get him to honour the agreement he signed….. Jon, I know what Reliance is all about and I will battle until this company is on its knees begging me to stop. Just like I begged for a TOILET!

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