2009 HSBC Celebration of light

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2008 Celebration of Light

Gallery Photos:

2009 Canada, No Place Like Home

2009 UK, Parasols Over the Pacific

2009 China, Through the Looking Glass

2009 HSBC Celebration of Light,

This year EnglishBay.com is lucky enough to have secured a perfect view to photograph the fireworks. Thanks to the Coast Plaza Hotel we will have a feature gallery of at least 400 photos from the four nights of the fireworks. If you cant make it to the fireworks just check out our galleries of the different nights and you'll get the visual experience.

2009 HSBC Celebration of Light Canada Fireworks

The above photo is from the July 22nd Canada night fireworks display. Click here or click the photo to go to the 120 picture gallery.

With an estimated 1.6 million people coming into English Bay West End, Kitsilano, and Stanley Park to view the fireworks over the four nights it is said that Vancouver business get an economic benefit of 65 million. Especially important in a year of depressed economic activity. With that in mind it is amazing that the fireworks almost didn't happen this year!

Finally after a lot of public concern enough sponsors were found to take all four nights of the fireworks.

July 22nd Londrugs Canada Night

July 25th the Keg South Africa Night

July 29th Shore 104fm UK Night

August 1st Concord Pacific Night

The show goes on rain or shine at 10pm. Some other things to know:

The police enforce an anti drinking policy. They will dump out any found liquor and the local liquor store on Davie closes at 9pm (2 hours earlier than normal). The 2 Starbucks located on English Bay also close early. Most other business remain open and have side walk stands for cold drinks and take away food. The fireworks nights are a family friendly show.

The Vancouver and English Bay tidal table for low tide and high tide during the fireworks:

Saturday, July 25nd tides,

3:10 am 2.4 meters or 7.9 feet (low)

8:22 am 3.9 meters or 12.8 feet (high)

2:49 pm 1.1 meters or 3.6 feet (low)

9:34 pm 4.8 meters or 15.7 feet (high)

July 29th tides,

6:45 am 1.3 meters or 4.3 feet (low)

2:04 pm 3.7 meters or 12.1 feet (high)

6:12 pm 3.3 meters or 10.8 feet (low)

11:44 pm 4.2 meters or 13.8 feet (high)

August 1st tides,

1:12 am 3.9 meters or 12.8 feet (high)

9:29 am 1.1 meters or 3.6 feet (low)

5:22 pm 4.2 meters or 13.8 feet (high)

10:30 pm 3.5 meters or 11.5 feet (low)

2009 Celebration of Light Canada Night

2009 Celebration of Light Canada Night

2009 Celebration of Light Canada Night

2009 Celebration of Light Canada Night