BC Spot Prawns, Gnocchi, & Fresh Spring Pea Puree

From time to time I like to get a little crazy with my food. This creation was inspired by crustaceans and all things creepy and crawly. I give you: sous vide BC Spot Prawns on a bed of Cricket Gnocchi with fresh Spring Pea Puree.

My husband loves his seafood and although I am a vegetarian 99% of the time I do like to experiment. On a trip to Sri Lanka I had barbecued head on prawns and I enjoyed them. Perhaps it was the alcohol maybe it was just me caught up in the magic of Sri Lanka and Trincomalee but I did enjoy them. This dish is not like what I was served on the beach in Trinco but more a BC West Coast creation out of my own mind. It is meant to be beautiful, delicious, creepy, a bit of a mind fuck. Kinda like me.

So why cricket gnocchi? Simple…. Cricket is actually kinda tasty I like it in baking cookies but also it makes great gnocchi. It makes a light tender dumpling with great flavour. Seared and presented in a simple butter sauce.

The BC Spot Prawns I simply sous vide for a perfect cook and to retain all the juicy goodness. Deveined and properly cleaned cause no one wants to eat the digestive tract. Head on for flavour and killer presentation. Yes! We ate the heads.

I feel I could have done better. It is a great idea and just needs a little further thought but Im on to something here and when I kill it I will post the recipe. The pea puree could have been more acidic to cut the butter and richness of the gnocchi. Maybe some lemon thyme?

Date night with the hubby.

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